Welcome to future Media center of Web 3.0

Hi, I’m Joe Sanchez and I want to thank you for being here. I am a firm believer that blockchain technology is going to revolutionize our world. Which is why I founded Bloxspace, the world’s first social news platform.

The idea of Bloxspace is to culminate the ultimate platform that combines social media, education, and news broadcasting all in the name of blockchain. This website contains all of the information regarding Bloxspace as a company, so I implore you to have a look around. If afterwards you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at joe@bloxspace.com.

Thank you for being here and I encourage you to invest a few more moments of your time into your future by joining our network by clicking the ‘social platform’ link at the top. We’re here to craft the future, but we can’t do it without you.

To Connect You with the Future

In our modern world of smartphones, voice activated coffee makers, and social media addictions, our realities can change overnight. Technology is constantly changing the world, and innovation is what leads us towards a better tomorrow.

Some say traditional banking methods, and fiat currency are on the brink of extinction. Others haven’t even heard of blockchain. With technological breakthroughs happening everyday it can be hard to keep up with modern technology. One day we were all using landlines, the next week, we’re all star trek extras with flip phones. One day the economy crashes, the next, blockchain technology emerges.

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Our point being, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and technologies because were often times blinded by larger issues and everyday life experiences.

Sometimes you hear about the big breakthroughs, but never take the time to look into the underlying technology behind it or it’s significance. That’s why we’re here.

With the emergence of fintech, blockchain, digital assets, along with the growing difficulty of launching a startup, it can be hard to find the important information. All of us here at Bloxspace spend countless hours sifting through information, scam, jargon, and breaking news so you don’t have too. We specialize in bringing the essential information and news to better your life to you.

We aim to connect the people of the world with the financial news they deserve. So everyone feels equipped to get the best banking, business, and blockchain experience.

The Bloxspace home team is a vast and diverse community of people that all have one thing in common: A passion for innovation. Our team is comprised of trained professionals, students, tech geniuses, and people who acquired unreplicatable expertise through life. But in truth, we are people who are very much like you. We were all once ignorant to the existence of fintech and blockchain tech. Yet now we are aware of the possibilities it holds. Which is why we strive to provide you with the best data and information we can to help you along your journey.